This is an independent project. It means we have neither grant nor general funding from any government, research agency, or commercial. Any university does not employ the author of the papers. Besides, this is all fundamental research in quantum physics, and we don’t expect any form of commercialization of the results. This is our curiosity that drives this research. However, plain curiosity is not enough. We need some resources to conduct research. Each open-access article is a few thousand euros to pay. We had to buy the majority of the lab-grade hardware for the experiment. We wrote software by ourselves and purchased licenses for specialized scientific applications. Our private funding covered most expenses, but some individuals and companies have also supported us with their time, knowledge, and resources:

  • Krzysztof Tomaszewski (ACS Ltd. Laboratory) hosted our experiment in their lab and taught us how to deal with a vacuum,
  • Michał Popiel-Machnicki (Pigment Production) for documenting the project and operational support,
  • Jarosław Baszak, Hamamatsu, provided us with IR detectors,
  • Tadeusz Stacewicz and Piotr Wasyczyk (Univ. of Warsaw, Fac. of Physics) provided us with some lab equipment and shared their lab experience,
  • Jacek Kaczmarczyk and Grzegorz Reda gave their helping hands during the experiment,
  • Joanna Sułkowska (CENT UW) is constantly supporting our research,
  • Piotr Sułkowski (UW), Janusz Będkowski, Dominik Jańczewski (PW), Michał Tomza (UW), they all contributed during our countless discussions.

Again, thank you so much!

You may also support us if you wish. Please write directly to: jakub [at]